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Advanced Anti-ageing Treatments:
Skin Rejuvenation

CACI Ultra non-surgical face lift | CACI Express non-surgical |
CACI Microlift Personal Facial Toning System |
CACI chromaclear | Express CACI micro dermabrasion |
CACI acne treatment | Chromolite IPL skin rejuvenation

CACI Ultra Facial
Non-surgical face lift

CACI Ultra Facial - Barbara Windsor

A non-surgical alternative to the knife, used by many celebrities. The CACI Ultra non-surgical face lift treatment has been voted "best anti-ageing facial" by the beauty editors "look younger without surgery" campaign. Remarkable results!
When combined with the CACI micro-dermabrasion, which also has red and blue light phototherapy, results are even more remarkable - one works the muscle, the other the skin.

A course of 10 sessions of non-surgical face lift is recommended at 2 – 3 per week (like going to the gym) to strenghten & lift the muscles, followed by a maintenance treatment every 4 weeks.

For more information about the CACI Ultra non-surgical face-lift, see the panel on the right.

One session

CACI Ultra Facial Toning - Jennifer Lopez

CACI Express non-surgical face lift

A quick and affordable treatment giving immediate results, ideal for special occasions or as a trial treatment.

Express non-surgical face lift        30 mins


We are pleased to offer a new retail product:
CACI Microlift
Non Surgical, Personal Facial Toning System

takes 10 minutes - portable - rechargeable - easy to use

Personal facial toning system developed to be used at home to enhance the results of CACI salon treatments  
(the homecare machine does not penetrate as deeply into the muscle as our salon treatment ). 
These treatments use micro-current signals which tighten, shorten and lift the muscles of the face and neck.
Like going to the gym, if muscles are exercised regularly, results are very much improved. Also, like going to the gym, muscles benefit from a day of rest, so home treatment is recommended 2 -3 times per week.
We also recommend this treatment for clients who are unable to find the time to complete the initial salon course.
The homecare machine has low, medium and high settings, which when used correctly, follows the treatment protocol of strengthening the muscle before lifting.

Please call for a free demonstration.



CACI ChromaClear Micro Dermabrasion 
Phototherapy micro-dermabrasion
This clinical treatment is effective in achieving instant and amazing results. Perfectly round microspheres are propelled onto the skin's surface, producing a gentle exfoliation, removing dead skin cells, which are vacuumed off, leaving the complexion with new-found luminosity and youthful vitality.
In addition to the microsphere exfoliation, a uniquely formulated hydrating and smoothing gel mask is applied to replenish & quench dull, dehydrated skin.
A special anti-bacterial blue light is used to purify, soothe and calm, and when combined with red light stimulation, promotes a clearer, healthier skin complexion.
Your ChromaClear therapist will individually tailor your treatments according to your specific needs.

1 session

Express CACI Micro-dermabrasion

We are offering an express treatment - without phototherapy - which resurfaces the skin by peeling. An affordable treatment for dull, lifeless skin, acne, scarring, sun damage, pigmentation, lines and wrinkles!
For optimum results, several treatments are recommended

30 minute treatment

CACI treatment for Acne / Rosacea
Red or Blue Light Therapy is used to soothe and heal the condition. The redness of Rosacea and Acne is reduced in only a few days. Time of treatment varies depending on size of area. Treatment duration usually 10 or 20 minutes, costing £1 per minute.

10 minute treatment
20 minute treatment

Chromolite IPL Photo Rejuvenation

This is a cosmetic treatment designed to produce younger and healthier looking skin. Many skin complaints caused by ageing and sun damage can be successfully treated:

  • Age spots
  • Wrinkles
  • Broken capillaries
  • Pigment patches
  • Enlarged pores and uneven skin texture
  • Active acne
  • Firming and fine lines

  • From £30 - see price list on right.

    For more information about IPL skin rejuvenation, see the Chromolite PDF brochure (2.69MB) and Chromolite IPL FAQs







CACI Ultra Facial
This extraordinary facial reduces the signs of ageing utilising specialised products and microcurrent technology. It is preventative for younger clients and rejuvenating for mature clients. This popular, non-invasive service gives you the freedom to attain anti-ageing goals without the recovery, downtime and expense of surgeries & other aggressive services.
Skin is rehydrated, circulation is improved and a firmer, revitalised appearance is achieved after the first application.
Microcurrent is a low level of electricity that mirrors the body's own natural electrical impulses. When used with specialised products and manual manipulations, these tiny microcurrent impulses encourage your body's natural currents. The signs of ageing are greatly reduced, while skin tone and elasticity are dramatically improved.














CACI Microlift personal facial toning system

CACI Microlift




Chromaclear phototherapy micro-dermabrasion

CACI ChromaClear
is a revolutionary skin rejuvenation treatment that combines new innovative treatment technologies within one state-of-the-art treatment system.
Micro-dermabrasion is a gentle, deep exfoliation which removes the build up of dead skin cells, leaving the skin fresh, radiant and healthy. The treatment generates new cells which smooths the skin’s texture, evens out blotchy discolouration whilst softening lines and wrinkles.









Chromolite logo

Chromolite IPL
Skin Rejuvenation
Price List:

All IPL Prices below are now reduced by 30%

patch test £25
  1 x
full face & neck £65
face only £50
neck (front) £50
decollete £60
face, neck & decollete £120
mouth £30
eyes £30
forehead £40
both hands £50
active acne from £30
pigment spot from £30

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