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Semi-permanent Make-up / Micropigmentation

Get the look you've always dreamed of

This treatment is carried out by salon owner Eileen Ingram who has been in the Beauty Industry for over 30 years. Eileen trained in Semi-permanent Make-up, also known as Micropigmentation, in 1999 at the Louise Walsh Academy in Liverpool and has since carried out numerous applications.
Eileen is very aware of any fears or concerns that you may have and, using her experience and expertise, she will advise you on what will work best to emphasise and enhance your personal features.
Eileen creates beautifully sculpted eyebrows as well as elegant eyeliner and lip enhancements. Call to make an appointment for a free consultation.

Semi-permanent Eyebrows

New  semi-permanent eyebrows at La Ruelle
New 'Hairstroke' technique for semi-permanent eyebrows

Eyebrow treatments are perfect for ladies who want immaculate eyebrows 24/7. Eileen creates flawless eyebrow perfection whether it is a few hairs scattered along your own brows, or striking, symmetrical eyebrows with a swoosh of natural colour.
Almost every client can look better, younger and prettier with beautifully shaped eyebrows, which have become 'Eileen at La Ruelle's' signature treatment.

Hair stroke technique £255
Eyebrows for existing clients £200
Annual re-touch £145

Prices reflect the intricate work involved and extra time necessary to achieve your perfect eyebrows.

For further information your questions answered here

Semi-permanent Eyeliner
Waterproof & always perfect!

Semi-permanent eyeliner at La Ruelle, Stranraer

Semi-permanent eyeliner makes your eyes appear more open and attractive. This natural look is achieved with soft liner, but for ladies who want perfectly made up eyes from
dawn till dusk, a bolder more definite line is needed.
The desired look is discussed prior to treatment commencing.

Eyeliner - top and bottom £260
Eyeliner - top only £150
Eyeliner - bottom only £130
Lip Liner £260
Lip Blend £280
Lip Blush £320
Re-touch for lips/eyes 4-8 weeks post treatment if desired £50


Micro-Blading by Dawn
ultra-fine hair stroke technique

This form of micropigmentation uses a manual handheld tool, instead of a machine. Hair-like strokes are drawn on to mimic the natural hairs in your brows. The ideal candidate requires a “fill in” or thickening of their own brows as apposed to the client looking for a more intense longer lasting result. The hair strokes are so fine creating a natural brow which must be re-done yearly. Initial treatment is followed by one necessary touch up treatment 4 weeks later.

Detail of eyebrow microblading

MicroBlade Eyebrows £240
Initial treatment £180
Necessary  follow up treatment £60


The difference between Semi-permanent Makeup and Micro-Blading:
Semi-permanent makeup is delivered using a machine which penetrates 7 layers of the skin, attaining long lasting results (up to 3 years)
Micro -blading is delivered manually using hand held device and penetrates 3 layers of the skin, achieving very natural results which last around 12 months. 


Before & After Eyebrows:

Semi-permanent eyebrows

semi-permanent eyebrows

semi-permanent eyebrows

semi-permanent eyebrows



Semi-permanent Lip Blush

Semi-permanent lip blush at La Ruelle

Lip Blush (photos above) applied with a stronger outline as requested by client.  Variations are available - Lp Liner only, Lip Blend where the liner is smudged and Lip Blush where the whole lip has pigment applied.

If you suffer from cold sores please call the salon for advice.




Eyebrows microbladed
Eyebrows before & after Microblading

Microbladed eyebrows

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